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Acrylic Winner's Award - Clear Octagon

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This freestanding polygon has recessed bevels, creating a multifaceted gemstone look. This award is printed with vibrant full-color ink directly on the acrylic, and the text is available in both white and black. Because the award is transparent, white text is recommended if you intend to display the award on a dark desk or wall, while the black text is better for visibility against light backgrounds. Consider what angle you & your customers will view this item from when making your decision!

The estimated time between design approval and delivery is one month.

Height: 6.75"
Length: 1"
Width: 5.25"

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What's the difference between this octagonal award and the opaque design you've offered previously?
This award is an inch larger in height and is completely clear, except for the printed areas on the back of the plaque. This leads to the award looking more elegant but the text can consequently be harder to read if careful consideration is not given to where it is going to be displayed.

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